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Which of the following is MOST critical to support IT governance cultural changes within an organization?

A. IT governance process manuals
B. Regularly scheduled governance training
C. Demonstrated management commitment
D. Established IT monitoring and measuring


A government agency plans to use predictive analytics to improve the quality of its services. The IT director is confident they have selected the right tool and can acquire appropriate resources to support the business need. Which of the following should be the director\’s NEXT course of action?

A. Ensure job descriptions are available for newly-hired IT resources.
B. Ensure IT has the appropriate processes in place.
C. Implement a balanced scorecard to measure service quality.
D. Establish a data governance council that includes IT senior management.


Which of the following should IT governance mandate before any transition of data from a legacy system to a new
technology platform?

A. Data conversion is performed in a test environment to confirm the correctness
B. Data conversion has documented approvals from business process data owners
C. Control totals of key transaction values are matched with data converted for migration
D. A crisis management plan has been approved by the IT steering committee


When conducting a risk assessment in support of a new regulatory requirement, the IT risk committee should FIRST
consider the:

A. cost burden to achieve compliance.
B. disruption to normal business operations.
C. readiness of IT systems to address the risk.
D. risk profile of the enterprise.


Which of the following is the BEST way to ensure the continued usefulness of IT governance reports for stakeholders?

A. Establish a standard process for providing feedback.
B. Rely on IT leaders to advise when adjustments should be made.
C. Issue frequent service level satisfaction surveys.
D. Conduct quarterly audits and adjust reporting based on findings.


Choose and Reorder the steps required in the development of the business case.
Select and Place:

Isaca CGEIT exam questions q6
Correct Answer:
Isaca CGEIT exam questions q6-1


A newly appointed CIO has issued a new IT strategic plan. Which of the following would be the MOST effective way for
the CIO to ensure the IT management team is held accountable for the delivery of the plan?

A. Provide management training on IT strategic objectives.
B. Revise the managers\’ performance goals to include key objectives.
C. Enforce disciplinary action for managers if the plan is not delivered.
D. Update the IT balanced scorecard with key objectives.


Following a re-prioritization of business objectives by management, which of the following should be performed FIRST
to allocate resources to IT processes?

A. Perform a maturity assessment.
B. Implement a RACI model.
C. Refine the human resource management plan.
D. Update the IT strategy.


Which of the following types of IT organizational structures states that all IT decision-making and the IT budget are in
one place, much easier to manage, and require much less effort to organize?

A. Decentralized
B. Federated
C. Project-based
D. Centralized


You are the project manager of the GHG project for your company. You have identified the project risks, completed
qualitative and quantitative analysis, and created risk responses. You also need to document how and when risk audits
will be performed in the project. Where will you define the frequency of risk audits?

A. Schedule management plan
B. Risk management plan
C. Quality management plan
D. Risk response plan


After performing a gap analysis of IT risks and controls capability, the MOST important consideration for the associated risk responses is that they are:

A. added to the IT balanced scorecard.
B. approved by executive management.
C. assessed for severity of impact.
D. submitted to the audit committee.


Enterprise analysis provides many things for an organization. All of the following are tasks included in enterprise
analysis except for which one?

A. Solution performance assessment
B. Define business need
C. Determine solution approach
D. Assess capability gaps


Which of the following is the MOST important objective of IT program portfolio management?

A. Reduced technology costs
B. Reduced project management costs
C. Improved IT service delivery
D. Appropriate investment mix


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