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Which statement about `continual improvement\\’ is CORRECT?
A. All improvement ideas should be logged in a single `continual improvement register\\’
B. A single team should carry out `continual improvement\\’ across the organization
C. `Continual improvement\\’ should have minimal interaction with other practices
D. Everyone in the organization is responsible for some aspects of `continual improvement\\’
Correct Answer: D


Which statement about outcomes is CORRECT?
A. An outcome can be enabled by more than one output
B. Outcomes are how the service performs
C. An output can be enabled by one or more outcomes
D. An outcome is a tangible or intangible activity
Correct Answer: A


What is described by the service value system?
A. How all the components and activities of the organization work together as a system to enable value creation
B. Services based on one or more products, designed to address needs of a target consumer group
C. Joint activities performed by a service provider and a service consumer to ensure continual value co-creation
D. How to apply the systems approach of the guiding principle think and work holistically
Correct Answer: A


Which is a supplier category?
A. Technical
B. Commodity
C. Customer
D. Resource
Correct Answer: D


Which guiding principle recommends eliminating activities that do not contribute to the creation of value?
A. Start where you are
B. Collaborate and promote visibility
C. Keep it simple and practical
D. Optimize and automate
Correct Answer: C


Which statement about the automation of service requests is CORRECT?
A. Service requests that cannot be automated should be handled as incidents
B. Service requests and their fulfillment should be automated as much as possible
C. Service requests that cannot be automated should be handled as problems
D. Service requests and their fulfillment should be carried out by service desk staff without automation
Correct Answer: B


Which dimension focuses on relationships with other organizations that are involved in the design, development,
deployment and delivery of services?
A. Organizations and people
B. Information and technology
C. Partners and suppliers
D. Value streams and processes
Correct Answer: C

What can be described as an operating model for the creating and management of products and services?
A. Governance
B. Service value chain
C. Guiding principles
D. Practices
Correct Answer: B


What is defined as any component that needs to be managed in order to deliver an IT service?
A. A service request
B. A configuration item (CI)
C. An incident
D. An IT asset
Correct Answer: B


Which is the purpose of the `relationship management\\’ practice?
A. To systematically observe services and service components
B. To protect the information needed by the organization to conduct its business
C. To be the entry point and single point of contact for the service provider with all of its users
D. To identify, analyze, monitor, and continually improve links with stakeholders
Correct Answer: D


Which describes normal changes?
A. Changes that are low-risk and pre-authorized
B. Changes that need to be scheduled and assessed following a process
C. Changes that are typically initiated as service requests
D. Changes that must be implemented as soon as possible
Correct Answer: B


Which guiding principle says that it is not usually necessary to build something new?
A. Focus on value
B. Start where you are
C. Progress iteratively with feedback
D. Think and work holistically
Correct Answer: B


Which is the purpose of the \\’ engage\\’ value chain activity?
A. Meeting expectations for quality, costs, and time-to-market
B. Providing transparency and good relationships
C. Ensuring the continual improvement of services
D. Ensuring that the organization\\’s vision is understood
Correct Answer: B

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