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Palo Alto Networks PCCET exam practice questions

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Routing Information Protocol (RIP), uses what metric to determine how network traffic should flow?

A. Shortest Path
B. Hop Count
C. Split Horizon
D. Path Vector


Match the description with the VPN technology.
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In addition to integrating the network and endpoint components, what other component does Cortex integrate to speed up IoC investigations?

A. Computer
B. Switch
C. Infrastructure
D. Cloud


Which two network resources does a directory service database contain? (Choose two.)

A. Services
B. /etc/shadow files
C. Users
D. Terminal shell types on endpoints


Which technique changes protocols at random during a session?

A. use of non-standard ports
B. port hopping
C. hiding within SSL encryption
D. tunneling within commonly used services


The customer is responsible only for which type of security when using a SaaS application?

A. physical
B. platform
C. data
D. infrastructure


What are two key characteristics of a Type 1 hypervisor? (Choose two.)

A. is hardened against cyber attacks
B. runs without any vulnerability issues
C. runs within an operating system
D. allows multiple, virtual (or guest) operating systems to run concurrently on a single physical host computer


Which item accurately describes a security weakness that is caused by implementing a “ports first” data security
the solution in a traditional data center?

A. You may have to use port numbers greater than 1024 for your business-critical applications.
B. You may have to open up multiple ports and these ports could also be used to gain unauthorized entry into your
C. You may not be able to assign the correct port to your business-critical applications.
D. You may not be able to open up enough ports for your business-critical applications which will increase the attack
surface area.


Which attacker profile uses the internet to recruit members to an ideology, to train them, and to spread fear and include panic?

A. cybercriminals
B. state-affiliated groups
C. hacktivists
D. cyberterrorists


Which Palo Alto subscription service identifies unknown malware, zero-day exploits, and advanced persistent threats
(APTs) through static and dynamic analysis in a scalable, virtual environment?

A. DNS Security
B. URL Filtering
C. WildFire
D. Threat Prevention


When signature-based antivirus software detects a malware, what three things does it do to provide protection? (Choose three.)

A. decrypt the infected file using base64
B. alert system administrators
C. quarantine the infected file
D. delete the infected file
E. remove the infected file\’s extension


Why is it important to protect East-West traffic within a private cloud?

A. All traffic contains threats, so enterprises must protect against threats across the entire network
B. East-West traffic contains more session-oriented traffic than other traffic
C. East-West traffic contains more threats than other traffic
D. East-West traffic uses IPv6 which is less secure than IPv4


Why have software developers widely embraced the use of containers?

A. Containers require separate development and production environments to promote authentic code.
B. Containers share application dependencies with other containers and with their host computer.
C. Containers simplify the building and deploying of cloud-native applications.
D. Containers are host-specific and are not portable across different virtual machine hosts.

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