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Free test Cisco CCNP Collaboration 300-075 Exam questions and Answers

Which three devices or applications support call preservation? (Choose three.)
A. a software conference bridge
B. Cisco Unified IP Phone 7962G
C. an annunciator
D. SIP trunks
E. JTAPI applications
F. TAPI applications
G. CTI applications
H. third-party H.323 endpoints
Correct Answer: ABD

When configuring Cisco Unified Survivable Remote Site Telephony, which CLI command enables this feature on the
A. call-manager-fallback
B. ccm-manager redundant-host
C. ccm-manager sccp local
D. ccm-manager switchback
Correct Answer: A

Which statement about technology implementation strategy is true?
A. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express can be configured to function with no Cisco Unified
Communications Manager cluster in the enterprise.
B. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express in SRST mode can be configured to function with no Cisco Unified
Communications Manager cluster in the enterprise.
C. SRST can be configured to function with no Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster in the enterprise.
D. SRST and MGCP fallback can be configured to function with no Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster in
the enterprise.
Correct Answer: A

In a Centralized Call processing architecture, you have deployed Extension Mobility (EM) feature. After the deployment
of EM, when one of the end- users tries to login to the IP phone, the Error 25 is displayed on the screen. What three
things should you do to resolve this issue? (Choose three.)
A. upgrade the firmware of the IP Phone to the latest version
B. activate EM feature service under Cisco Unified Serviceability
C. associate EM Device profile with the end-user
D. subscribe the MAC address of the IP Phone to EM Service
E. update EM Phone Service URL to point to the publisher
F. subscribe device profile to EM phone service in case the enterprise subscription of EM Service is disabled
Correct Answer: BCD

Which two options are mandatory requirements for setting up Hardware MTP resource on Cisco IOS routers? (Choose
A. one audio codec
B. T1 PRI card
C. available PVDMs or DSP resources on the router
D. RFC2833 for DTMF
E. LTI based local transcoding resources
Correct Answer: AC

Refer to the exhibit.lead4pass 300-075 exam question q6

Which three statements about when user A calls user using SIP are true? (Choose three.)
A. SIP TCP/TLS ports must be opened from internal to DMZ and vice versa.
B. Deploying a Cisco VCS Expressway behind a NAT mandates the use of the Advanced Networking option key.
C. Cisco VCS Control and Cisco VCS Expressway support static NAT.
D. Deploying a Cisco VCS Control inside a NAT mandates the use of the Advanced Networking option key.
E. RT and RTCP ports must be opened at the firewall from internal to DMZ and vice versa
F. The NAT device must translate from 10.X.X X to 193.1.1.X and vice versa.
Correct Answer: ABE

An engineer must ensure that Expressway-E listens and only its legit sender of such traffic is Expressway-C. Which port
must be opened to accomplish this task?
A. 2000
B. 2111
C. 2222
D. 2223
Correct Answer: C

An engineer implemented a VCS as a gateway to allow SIP and H323 endpoints to register, what recommended
protocol or gateway should be used?
A. SIP trunk gatekeeper
B. H323 gateway
C. H321 gateway-based
Correct Answer: B

Which two statements are true regarding the implementation of globalized call-routing in terms of localized call egress?
(Choose two.)
A. Calling-party numbers are routed from the gateway or trunks to phones.
B. Called-party numbers are routed from the gateway or trunks to phones.
C. Calling-party numbers of internal calls are routed from the gateway or trunks.
D. Calling-party calls are routed to the gateway and trunks.
Correct Answer: AD

How many hosted DN patterns per cluster does the Cisco Unified Communications Manager allow you to configure?
A. 500
B. 1000
C. 1500
D. 2000
E. 2500
F. 5000
Correct Answer: D

A voice-mail product that supports only the G.711 codec is installed in headquarters. Which action allows branch Cisco
IP phones to function with voice mail while using only the G.729 codec over the WAN link to headquarters?
A. 729 codec over the WAN link to headquarters?
B. Configure Cisco Unified Communications Manager regions.
C. Configure transcoding within Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
D. Configure transcoding resources in Cisco IOS and assign to the MRGL of Cisco IP phones.
E. Configure transcoder resources in the branch Cisco IP phones.
Correct Answer: C

Which Cisco Unified Mobility setting enables or disables an incoming call to ring the desk phone and the remote
destination at the same time?
A. Mobility Profile
B. Answer Too Soon Timer
C. Remote Destination Profile
D. Enable Mobile Connect
Correct Answer: D

Which command can be used to manually send the MGCP gateway to register with the secondary Cisco Unified
Communications Manager server?
A. ccm-manager switchover-to-backup
B. mgcp use backup
C. ccm-manager register backup
D. not supported
Correct Answer: A

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