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You are CCNA VOICE associate in You need configure a voice port that will allow the gateway to terminate 23 or 30 circuits from the PSTN. Which type of voice port you will configure?
C. PRI T1/E1
D. E&M
Answer: C


Which of the following is selected first for 600-460 an incoming dial peer?
A. Answer-address
B. incoming called-number
C. destination-pattern
D. pots port
Answer: B

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is the ability for the LAN switching infrastructure to provide power over a copper Ethernet cable to an endpoint (Powered Device). This capability, once referred to as “inline power”, was originally developed and first delivered by Cisco in 2000 to support the emerging IP Telephony deployments. IP Telephones, like desktop PBX phones, need power for their operation and Power over Ethernet enables scalable and manageable power delivery and simplifies deployments of IP Telephony.
As Wireless networking emerged, Power over Ethernet was also used to power these devices to allow for deployments in 600-460 dumps locations where local power access did not exist. While IP telephones and wireless access points are the most intuitive uses for PoE, the advent of 802.3af standardization of PoE opens the door to a new generation of networked-attached devices such as video cameras, point-of-sale devices, security access control (card scanners), building automation and industrial automation just to name a few.
When a Cisco switch supply PoE to an IP phone?
A. whenever switch and IP phone are Cisco products.
B. when Cisco switch supports prestandard PoE and the IP phone supports 802.3af.
C. when Cisco switch and IP phone both support a common PoE method.
D. Only when both the switch and IP phone use 802.3af PoE.
Answer: C

What is the default VTP mode on Cisco switches?
A. Master
B. Client
C. Backup
D. Server
Answer: D

Which Cisco 600-460 vce Unified Communications layer is the call processing layer?
A. Layer A including video,communications client, software-based phones, IP Phone
B. Layer B including Voice mail,Presence,Contact Center
C. Layer C including Cisco Unified Communications manger,Directory Server.
D. Layer D including Gateway, Router, Switch.
Answer: C

What are the three VTP modes on Cisco switches?
A. Master
B. Client
C. Server
D. Transparent
Answer: BCD

A SIP Trunk is a logical connection between an IP PBX and a Service Provider’s application servers that allows voice over IP traffic to be exchanged between the two. When a call is placed from an internal phone to 600-460 pdf an external number, the PBX sends the necessary information to the SIP Trunk provider who establishes the call to the dialed number and acts as an intermediary for the call. All signaling and voice traffic between the PBX and the provider is exchanged using SIP and RTP protocol packets over the IP network. Which two statements about SIP trunk are true?
A. A SIP trunk configuration is mandatory for a UC500 device.
B. A SIP trunk is needed for internet access
C. A SIP trunk is needed only for voice if you are planning on using VoIP through a service provider.
D. A SIP trunk is not supported in a keyswitch configuration.
Answer: CD

You are CCNA VOICE associate in One user from your company wants to use a signaling protocol on the 600-460 voice gateways that require registration with the Cisco Unified Communications Manager.
Which protocol should you suggest to him?
B. Frame relay
Answer: D

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