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Question No: 1
Your schemas in development and production have different names. What do you use to ensure you do not receive activation errors when importing information models into production?
A. Refactoring
C. Mass copy
D. Schema mapping
Answer: D

Question No: 2
What data source is available for join nodes in calculation views?
A. Scalar functions from all SAP HANA systems
B. Web services from the Internet
C. Calculation views from other tenants in an MDC system
D. All procedures in the current SAP HANA system
Answer: C

Question No: 3
Which text feature do you use to find sentiment in textual data? C_HANAIMP_12 pdf
A. Full-text index
B. Text analysis
C. Text mining
D. Fuzzy text search
Answer: B
C_HANAIMP_12 dumps
Question No: 4            C_HANAIMP_12 dumps
What does SAP HANA load when starting up and before indicating that it is ready?
There are 3 correct answers to this question.
A. Some column tables
B. Some row tables
C. All partitions
D. All system tables
E. All row tables
Answer: ADE

Question No: 5
Which of the following terms are associated with an operational system?
There are 2 correct answers to this question.
C. Transactional
D. Data warehouse
Answer: AC

Question No: 6
In which SAP HANA studio perspective do you find the Quick View tab options?
A. Developer perspective
B. Modeler perspective
C. Plan visualizer perspective
D. Administration perspective
Answer: B

Question No: 7
What join type should you use to see all the suppliers? C_HANAIMP_12 pdf
A. Referential join
B. Right outer join
C. Inner join
D. Left outer join
Answer: B

Question No: 8
Where do you create a variable? C_HANAIMP_12 dumps
A. In the context menu of a package
B. In the semantics node
C. In the scenario area of an aggregate node
D. In the output area of a join node
Answer: B

Question No: 9
Which type of cloud solution is Amazon Web Services (AWS) an example of?
A. Private cloud
B. Community cloud
C. Public cloud
D. Hybrid cloud
Answer: C

Question No: 10
Which steps do you have to perform once before you can create SAP HANA development objects?
There are 2 correct answers to this question.
A. Create an SAP HANA XS project.
B. Create a dataflow model in the AFM.
C. Create a predictive model using PAL.
D. Create a repository workspace
Answer: AD

Question No: 11
What character is prepended to a SQLScript variable when it is used as an input variable?
A. _ (underscore)
B. : (colon)
C. ~ ! (exclamation mark)
D. & (ampersand)
Answer: B

Question No: 12
You use parallelism to calculate a year-to-date value quickly, and you eliminate a table from the database. C_HANAIMP_12 pdf What are some of the implications of this action?
There are 3 correct answers to this question.
A. Less code
B. Smaller database backups
C. Faster inserts into the database
D. Better user interfaces
E. Faster response times
Answer: ABE

Question No: 13
What combination enabled real-time computing?
A. Multicore CPUs and solid-state disks
B. In-memory technology with solid-state disks
C. Multicore CPUs with large level 1 caches
D. In-memory technology and multicore CPUs
Answer: D

Question No: 14
You have a view with two tables, joined by a left outer join. C_HANAIMP_12 dumps If you redesign the view and accidently swap the two tables around, what should you do to the join?
A. Change the join to a referential join.
B. Keep the left outer join.
C. Change the join to a text join.
D. Change the join to a right outer join.
Answer: D

Question No: 15
Which sentence best describes SAP HANA Live?
A. Analytical reporting moving back to the OLAP system
B. Operational reporting moving back to the OLTP system
C. Operational reporting moving back to the OLAP system
D. Analytical reporting moving back to the OLTP system
Answer: B

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