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After IT department goals have been aligned with enterprise goals, the NEXT step is to link the alignment goals with:
A. governance and management objectives.
B. governance and management practices.
C. governance and management performance metrics.
Correct Answer: A


Which of the following comprises the “information flow” component of a governance system?
A. People, skills, and competencies
B. Assignment of responsibility and accountability roles
C. Process practices that include inputs and outputs
Correct Answer: C
Reference: (32)


Within the COBIT goals cascade, stakeholder drivers are transformed into:
A. the enterprise\\’s actionable strategy.
B. business unit performance metrics.
C. the enterprise\\’s governance framework.
Correct Answer: A


Which of the following BEST enables an enterprise to maximize value from its use?
A. A clearly defined and management structure
B. An actionable strategy and governance system
C. Well-documented and monitored business processes
Correct Answer: B
To create value, the enterprise must balance benefits, risk, and resources, and develop an actionable
strategy and governance system.


Which of the following describes the COBIT performance model?
A. The COBIT performance model is a stand-alone model that can be used in conjunction with the COBIT core model.
B. The COBIT performance model is integrated into the COBIT core model.
C. The COBIT performance model is unique and not aligned with existing maturity and capability models.
Correct Answer: B


Which of the following is ESSENTIAL to help ensure that a project\\’s benefits are identified and continually monitored?
A. A well-developed business case
B. Earned value management reporting
C. Stage gate reviews by a governance team
Correct Answer: A


Which of the following is a CRITICAL requirement when the IT function is strategic and crucial to the success of the
A. Documented IT policies and procedures
B. High involvement of IT-related roles in organizational structures
C. Highly capable of security-related processes and ensured risk optimization
Correct Answer: A


One year after IT governance is implemented, what KEY question should be asked and evaluated?
A. Has the enterprise leveraged lessons learned?
B. Has the enterprise reduced its risk exposure?
C. Has the enterprise achieved expected benefits?
Correct Answer: C
Reference: (98)


Which of the following would be an appropriate metric associated with an enterprise goal of “Business service continuity
and availability”?
A. Satisfaction levels of the board and executive management with business process capabilities
B. Ratio of significant incidents that were not identified in risk assessments vs. total incidents
C. Number of business processing hours lost due to unplanned service interruptions
Correct Answer: C
Reference: (58)


Which of the following benefits derived from the use of COBIT is PRIMARILY associated with an external stakeholder?
A. COBIT provides guidance on how to organize and monitor the performance of and across the enterprise.
B. COBIT helps to manage the dependency on the use of external service providers.
C. COBIT helps to ensure compliance with applicable rules and regulations.
Correct Answer: A


Which of the following components of a governance system are MOST likely to be underestimated as factors in the success of governance and management activities?
A. Culture, ethics and behavior
B. People, skills, and competencies
C. Principles, policies, and frameworks
Correct Answer: A


Which of the following is MOST important to providing trust in operations, confidence in the achievement of enterprise
objectives, and an adequate understanding of residual risk?
A. A continuity of operations response plan
B. A risk management framework
C. A managed system of internal controls
Correct Answer: C


The enterprise goal titled “Optimization of Business Process Costs” is aligned to which balanced scorecard (BSC)
A. Growth
B. Customer
C. Internal
Correct Answer: C
Reference: (24)

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