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Exam Code: 712-50
Total Questions: 343 Q&As

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Hot EC-COUNCIL CCISO 712-50 Dumps Exam Questions And Answers (1-20)

The organization does not have the time to remediate the vulnerability; however it is critical to release the application.
Which of the following needs to be further evaluated to help mitigate the risks?
A. Provide developer security training
B. Deploy Intrusion Detection Systems
C. Provide security testing tools
D. Implement Compensating Controls
Correct Answer: D

The process of identifying and classifying assets is typically included in the
A. Threat analysis process
B. Asset configuration management process
C. Business Impact Analysis
D. Disaster Recovery plan
Correct Answer: C

SCENARIO: A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) recently had a third party conduct an audit of the security program. Internal policies and international standards were used as audit baselines. The audit report was presented to the CISO and a variety of high, medium and low rated gaps were identified.
The CISO has implemented remediation activities. Which of the following is the MOST logical next step?
A. Validate the effectiveness of applied controls
B. Validate security program resource requirements
C. Report the audit findings and remediation status to business stake holders
D. Review security procedures to determine if they need modified according to findings
Correct Answer: A

You are the Chief Information Security Officer of a large, multinational bank and you suspect there is a flaw in a two factor authentication token management process. Which of the following represents your BEST course of action?
A. Validate that security awareness program content includes information about the potential vulnerability
B. Conduct a thorough risk assessment against the current implementation to determine system functions
C. Determine program ownership to implement compensating controls
D. Send a report to executive peers and business unit owners detailing your suspicions
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following represents the best method of ensuring business unit alignment with security program requirements?
A. Provide clear communication of security requirements throughout the organization
B. Demonstrate executive support with written mandates for security policy adherence
C. Create collaborative risk management approaches within the organization
D. Perform increased audits of security processes and procedures
Correct Answer: C

The implementation of anti-malware and anti-phishing controls on centralized email servers is an example of what type of security control?
A. Organization control
B. Procedural control
C. Management control
D. Technical control
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following is a benefit of a risk-based approach to audit planning? 712-50 dumps
A. Resources are allocated to the areas of the highest concern
B. Scheduling may be performed months in advance
C. Budgets are more likely to be met by the IT audit staff
D. Staff will be exposed to a variety of technologies
Correct Answer: A

Scenario: An organization has made a decision to address Information Security formally and consistently by adopting established best practices and industry standards. The organization is a small retail merchant but it is expected to grow to a global customer base of many millions of customers in just a few years.
The organization has already been subject to a significant amount of credit card fraud. Which of the following is the MOST likely reason for this fraud?
A. Lack of compliance to the Payment Card Industry (PCI) standards
B. Ineffective security awareness program
C. Security practices not in alignment with ISO 27000 frameworks
D. Lack of technical controls when dealing with credit card data
Correct Answer: A

Annual Loss Expectancy is derived from the function of which two factors?
A. Annual Rate of Occurrence and Asset Value
B. Single Loss Expectancy and Exposure Factor
C. Safeguard Value and Annual Rate of Occurrence
D. Annual Rate of Occurrence and Single Loss Expectancy
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following is a major benefit of applying risk levels?
A. Risk management governance becomes easier since most risks remain low once mitigated
B. Resources are not wasted on risks that are already managed to an acceptable level
C. Risk budgets are more easily managed due to fewer identified risks as a result of using a methodology
D. Risk appetite can increase within the organization once the levels are understood
Correct Answer: B

The Security Operations Center (SOC) just purchased a new intrusion prevention system (IPS) that needs to be deployed in-line for best defense. The IT group is concerned about putting the new IPS in-line because it might negatively impact network availability. What would be the BEST approach for the CISO to reassure the IT group?
A. Work with the IT group and tell them to put IPS in-line and say it won\’t cause any network impact
B. Explain to the IT group that the IPS won\’t cause any network impact because it will fail open
C. Explain to the IT group that this is a business need and the IPS will fail open however, if there is a network failure the CISO will accept responsibility
D. Explain to the IT group that the IPS will fail open once in-line however it will be deployed in monitor mode for a set period of time to ensure that it doesn\’t block any legitimate traffic
Correct Answer: D

Which of the following represents the BEST method of ensuring security program alignment to business needs?
A. Create a comprehensive security awareness program and provide success metrics to business units
B. Create security consortiums, such as strategic security planning groups, that include business unit participation
C. Ensure security implementations include business unit testing and functional validation prior to production rollout
D. Ensure the organization has strong executive-level security representation through clear sponsorship or the creation of a CISO role
Correct Answer: B

When an organization claims it is secure because it is PCI-DSS certified, what is a good first question to ask towards assessing the effectiveness of their security program?
A. How many credit card records are stored?
B. How many servers do you have?
C. What is the scope of the certification?
D. What is the value of the assets at risk?
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following BEST describes an international standard framework that is based on the security model Information Technology–Code of Practice for Information Security Management?
A. International Organization for Standardization 27001
B. National Institute of Standards and Technology Special Publication SP 800-12
C. Request For Comment 2196
D. National Institute of Standards and Technology Special Publication SP 800-26
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following information may be found in table top exercises for incident response?
A. Security budget augmentation
B. Process improvements
C. Real-time to remediate
D. Security control selection
Correct Answer: B

Your incident response plan should include which of the following? 712-50 dumps
A. Procedures for litigation
B. Procedures for reclamation
C. Procedures for classification
D. Procedures for charge-back
Correct Answer: C

Which of the following is the PRIMARY purpose of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 27001?
A. Use within an organization to formulate security requirements and objectives
B. Implementation of business-enabling information security
C. Use within an organization to ensure compliance with laws and regulations
D. To enable organizations that adopt it to obtain certifications
Correct Answer: B

Which of the following are primary concerns for management with regard to assessing internal control objectives?
A. Confidentiality, Availability, Integrity
B. Compliance, Effectiveness, Efficiency
C. Communication, Reliability, Cost
D. Confidentiality, Compliance, Cost
Correct Answer: B

Scenario: Your program is developed around minimizing risk to information by focusing on people, technology, and operations.
You have decided to deal with risk to information from people first. How can you minimize risk to your most sensitive information before granting access?
A. Conduct background checks on individuals before hiring them
B. Develop an Information Security Awareness program
C. Monitor employee browsing and surfing habits
D. Set your firewall permissions aggressively and monitor logs regularly.
Correct Answer: A

Which of the following is considered to be an IT governance framework and a supporting toolset that allows for managers to bridge the gap between control requirements, technical issues, and business risks?
A. Control Objective for Information Technology (COBIT)
B. Committee of Sponsoring Organizations (COSO)
C. Payment Card Industry (PCI)
D. Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL)
Correct Answer: A

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