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Refer to the exhibit.

[2021.] lead4pass 2v0-61.20 exam questions q1

An administrator is setting up the organization group (OG) hierarchy using this information:
company has two departments to enroll devices into
company has one Active Directory to integrate with
company has only one Volume Purchase Program (VPP) account to deploy Purchased apps
What is VMware\\’s recommended best practice for which OG should be set to Customer type?
A. Global
B. Company
C. Department 2
D. Department 1
Correct Answer: B

Refer to the exhibit.[2021.] lead4pass 2v0-61.20 exam questions q2

While referencing the exhibit, which SDK profile does Security Policies belong to?
A. Custom SDK Profile
B. Default SDK Profile
C. Application Profile
D. Intune SDK Profile
Correct Answer: B

What are the setting options for sync frequency in Workspace ONE Access Directory?
A. Manually, once per week, twice each day, every hour
B. Manually, once per week, once per day, every hour
C. Manually, once every other week, once per day, every hour
D. Manually, once per week, once per day, every half hour
Correct Answer: D

IT management has announced all traffic from the DMZ will be blocked unless it passes through a newly configured
proxy, effective immediately. Administrators notice that SEGv2 is unable to contact the Workspace ONE API server.
Which configuration will the administrators need to amend and apply to the SEGv2 servers?
A. inbound proxy
B. SSL offloading
C. KCD integration
D. outbound proxy
Correct Answer: D
Reference: (21)

For macOS Software Distribution, which three file types are supported? (Choose three.)
Correct Answer: BCD

When integrating Workspace ONE SDK with a productivity app, which three are required for SDK app deployment?
(Choose three.)
A. Targeted devices need to be enterprise wiped.
B. App needs to be pushed and managed.
C. App needs to be sideloaded.
D. SDK Profile needs to be assigned.
E. Targeted devices need to be enrolled and managed by UEM.
Correct Answer: BDE

Which would an administrator use to configure the remote wiping of privileged corporate content and set notification
thresholds when a minimum number of devices are wiped within a certain amount of time?
A. Compromised Protection Settings
B. Notification for Device Blocked
C. Managed Device Wipe Protection
D. Notifications for Device Enroll/Unenroll
Correct Answer: C

What does COPE stand for in Android Enterprise?
A. corporate-owned, privacy exception
B. corporate-owned, personally enabled
C. co-owned, personally enabled
D. co-owned privacy exception
Correct Answer: B

An administrator is seeing user attributes not updating in the Workspace ONE UEM console automatically. What can
resolve the issue?
A. In Scheduler Services, restart user merge.
B. In Directory Services, enable auto-merge.
C. In Directory Services, enable auto-sync.
D. In Scheduler Services, restart user sync.
Correct Answer: C

An organization has purchased a SaaS Workspace ONE solution and wants to implement these:
integration with back-end resources like Active Directory from Microsoft to sync users and groups
Kerberos authentication
integration with Virtual Desktops and Applications from services (Horizon 7, Horizon Cloud, or Citrix)
third party integration with RSA SecureID, RADIUS for authentication
Which Workspace ONE component is required?
A. VMware AirWatch Cloud Connector
B. VMware Workspace ONE Assist
C. VMware Workspace Unified Access Gateway
D. VMware Workspace ONE Access Connector
Correct Answer: D

Which three functions are supported by Workspace ONE Intelligence? (Choose three.)
A. Conduct augmented analysis with artificial intelligence.
B. Perform integration with other service platforms.
C. Create a custom report.
D. set event-driven automated API actions.
E. Automate suggested actions based on VMware recommended practices.
Correct Answer: BCE

Which two settings are configurable in a macOS disk encryption profile? (Choose two.)
A. FileVault Enterprise Certificate
B. Maximum Battery Level
C. TPM License Key
D. Recovery Key Type
E. Administrator Password Policy
Correct Answer: DE

Which three are fields populated by an administrator when adding SaaS Web Applications on Workspace ONE Access?
(Choose three.)
A. application parameters
B. first name format
C. username format
D. username source ID
E. application format
F. Single Sign-On URL
Correct Answer: CEF

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